AIR (An Improbable Relationship)

Beauty and The Beast. Harold and Maude. Kermit and Piggy. The film world is full of improbable relationships.

It’s about the kind of work that AIR strives to produce, and the improbable relationships are those we like to explore in our films. It’s about unlikely connections – between characters, between a character and the setting, the picture and the soundtrack, a beautiful gesture and an ugly situation, selling a product and evoking a human emotion.

Improbable relationships make for the most unexpected ads, the most rewarding stories, and the most intriguing films.

Matthys Boshoff // vCard

Matthys’ improbable journey into film directing includes stops in anthropology, biblical archaeology, business and economics, performing arts and scriptwriting. After film school, he worked in the art department on international feature films for four years, then completed a filmmaker’s residency at the International Film and Television Workshops in America. He’s adventured in diverse locations like Afghanistan, Patagonia and Uganda. In these places, as in his work, he always takes an eye for beauty, an appetite for risk, a sense of discovery and an appreciation for humanity. He’s been directing commercials since 2010 and has a few feature films up his sleeve.

Matthys Boshoff