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AIR (An Improbable Relationship)

Beauty and The Beast. Harold and Maude. Kermit and Piggy. Film and TV are full of improbable relationships.

It’s about the kind of content that AIR develops, and the improbable relationships are those we like to explore in our films and series. It’s about unlikely connections – between characters, between a character and the setting, the picture and the soundtrack, a beautiful gesture and an ugly situation.

Improbable relationships make for the most unexpected stories, the most rewarding series, and the most intriguing films.

An Improbable Relationship Films consults producers, production houses and broadcasters on script development for animated and live action entertainment. We assemble the most wonderful improbable creative teams to conceptualise, develop, create pitch decks and run writer's rooms to get scripts production ready.

Need a budget? We have those unlikely relationships too.